Who’s Aimee Liu?

I’m a veteran author, ghostwriter, and creative writing teacher. My books include the novels Glorious Boy, Cloud Mountain, Flash House, and Face, which have made various bestseller lists and been published in more than a dozen languages. I’ve also written a couple of groundbreaking books about eating disorders, Solitaire and Gaining The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders. And chances are, you’ve read at least one of the bestsellers I’ve ghostwritten.

I have an MFA from Bennington Writers, and I taught for many years in Goddard’s MFA in Creative Writing Program.

What is Legacy & Lore?

My goal for this publication is to share the wealth that I’ve gleaned over more than 30 years of publishing. I’ll also be posting installments from my new memoir in progress, an exploration of the multi-generational fallout of my father’s experience as a Chinese-American immigrant.

This publication consists of two sections:

  1. Chinese-American Legacy features posts about Asian-American history through the lens of the discoveries I’m making as I write about my biracial family heritage.

  2. MFA Lore explores the creative writing tips and insights I’ve shared with MFA students over 15 years of teaching. Paid subscribers will have access to special features in this section, including Write On!, a bi-monthly response to your burning writing questions, and Writers in Conversation, a monthly Q/A with writers, editors, and agents I’ve met over my 40-year career in the book business.

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Aimee Liu

Author of the novels Glorious Boy, Flash House, Cloud Mountain, and Face. Nonfiction includes Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders and Solitaire. Longtime faculty @ Goddard MFA in Creative Writing.